Nolte: Explosion in Fast Food Prices Hurting Joe Biden in 2024 – EVOL

Even more than grocery and gasoline prices, fast food prices have exploded across America, and the left-wingers at Axios are worried that might be hurting their precious President Joe Biden.

“Working-class voters are unhappy about President Biden’s economy. That may be partly due to the price of their Happy Meals,” writes the glib idiots at Axios. “Fast food restaurants have had some of the sharpest price hikes during the Biden administration, higher than both grocery bills and gas prices.”

“In 2020, Biden beat Trump 55%-44% in households earning less than $50,000. In households between $50,000-$99,000, Biden had even bigger margins, at 57%-42%.”

But that’s all changed…

“Biden relied on working class voters to win in 2020, but high prices and high interest rates are hitting the poorest Americans the hardest,” the report continues. “Biden is now either losing, or splitting, lower income voters, according to survey after survey.”

An accompanying chart shows that non-management wages have increased by 36 percent since 2017, but fast food prices have jumped by 41 percent.

That’s all well and good and all kinds of erudite and slide-rulish, but let’s look at the actual price increases since Biden took office…

McDonald’s: Late 2019–2024

Medium French Fries: $1.79 – $4.19



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