Nikki Haley wins DC Republican Primary – EVOL

Haley is the first woman to win a Republican primary in United States’ history.

WASHINGTON — Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley won her first presidential primary on Sunday, carrying nearly 63% of the vote. She won the District primary over former President Donald Trump, among others. 

The DC Republican Party reported a total of 2,035 voters participating in its Presidential Primary. 

The DC GOP released the following final results for the office of President:

Nikki Haley – 62.86% or 1,274Donald Trump – 33.22% or 676Ron DeSantis – 1.87% or 38Chris Christie – .88% or 18Vivek Ramaswamy – .74% or 15David Stuckenberg – .39% or 8Ryan L. Binkley – .04% or 1

All 19 Delegates and 16 Alternate Delegates from the District of Columbia are awarded to Governor Nikki Haley. These individuals are bound in the first round to represent the choice of District of Columbia Republican voters at the Republican National Convention from July 15-18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

While their names on are still on the ballot, candidates Chris Christie, Ron DeSantis, and Vivek Ramaswamy are no longer in the running.

The DC Republican Party is



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