Nikki Haley Demands Colleges Teach ‘Anti-Racism’ or Lose Funding.

Democrat officials are increasingly concerned the party is unable to meet its own stringent diversity standards and targets, supposedly running the risk of next summer’s convention delegates being “too white” when the party nominee for the 2024 presidential election is chosen.

The Democrat National Committee (DNC) sets its diversity targets by accounting for eligible voters from almost all identities other than white people. Their targets include black Americans, Latinos, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, LGBT people, young voters, and those with disabilities. The committee then calculates what the right amount should be from each group, with the figure varying from state to state.

The party often sets targets at far higher rates than what is proportionate to the population, such as in California, where the diversity target for black voters is 12 percent despite black Americans comprising just six and a half percent of the Golden State’s inhabitants.

“I keep looking at these diversity goals in big states like New York, like California. And, for some reason, whether it’s the African American community, Black community, the LGBTQ+ community, or Hispanic community, [the] numbers continue to decrease,” stated Democrat strategist Donna Brazile at a recent committee meeting in Washington D.C.



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