Nikki Haley BEATS Donald Trump for the very first time in D.C. primary – EVOL

Nikki Haley beat Donald Trump for the very first time in the Washington, D.C., Republican primary Sunday night handing her what might be her only win heading into Super Tuesday.

The D.C. Republican Party reported Haley won 62 percent compared to Trump’s 33 percent with only 2,035 voters participating. That makes Haley the first Republican woman to ever win a primary in U.S. history.

The result in D.C. comes one day after Trump’s clean sweep of GOP primaries in Idaho, Michigan and Missouri on Saturday as he inches closer to a rematch with Biden in November. 

Her win in Democrat-run and urban D.C. shakes Trump’s stronghold on nearly every facet of the Republican Party, but it isn’t expected to make a massive impact nationwide.

Trump and Haley were vying for the district’s coveted 19 Republican delegates – out of 2,429 total to the Republican National Convention in July – in the race that came down to the wire. Now going into Super Tuesday, Trump has 244 delegates to Haley’s 43 with 1,215 needed for the GOP nomination. 

D.C. was seen as Haley’s best shot at beating Trump in any primary race as the former president is expected to sweep the 15 upcoming Super Tuesday states.

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