Newsom Camp Claims Hannity Broke Debate Rules, DeSantis Cheated During Bathroom Break

Let the excuses begin.

The highly anticipated debate between California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis took place Thursday night in Alpharetta, Georgia, hosted by Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

And while the cage match between the blue-state and red-state governors might be over, Newsom’s camp is still firing shots.

According to Politico, Newsom’s team complained that DeSantis and Hannity “cheated” during the debate.

The Democrat’s team accused the Fox News host of rigging the event in favor of the Republican and said DeSantis broke certain rules to which the two governors had agreed.

“The debate was rigged, and Newsom still won,” said Sean Clegg, an adviser to the California governor.

Newsom’s team claimed DeSantis violated an agreed-upon rule that candidates would not receive advice during the debate. The Republican was seen speaking with his wife, Casey, who serves as a political adviser to her husband, during the intermission.

“She was ready to coach him when his fake bathroom break happened,” an aide to the Democrat said, according to Politico. “Our guy never left the podium once. He didn’t take a bathroom break.”

Newsom’s staff further claimed Fox News and Hannity violated a rule that multimedia would



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