Newly Revealed Bank Records Show the Biden Family Sold America Out to Foreign Interests – EVOL

Newly revealed bank records subpoenaed from the First Family’s personal and business financial accounts show how Biden family members sold America out to foreign interests.

The House Oversight Committee provided the bank record summaries to the public along with criminal referrals for both Hunter Biden and James Biden, who are related to sitting President Joe Biden.

“The subpoenaed bank records revealed that from 2014 to 2023, Hunter Biden, James Biden, their associated companies, and certain other Biden family members received over $18 million from foreign sources,” the committee’s report stated. “Additionally, the bank records established that when Biden business associates and their companies are included, over $27 million was received from foreign sources during the same time period.

“The Bidens, their business associates, and their related companies received funds from individuals and entities associated with Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, Romania, Panama, and other locations,” the report continued.

“These figures do not include the approximately $8 million in loans Hunter Biden
and James Biden received from Democratic benefactors such as Kevin Morris, Joey Langston, and John Hynansky,” the report added. “The amount of money Hunter Biden, James Biden, and even Joe Biden sourced from foreign and domestic companies and then later



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