New Zealand Government Exempted Elites from Vax Mandates Forced onto Public

The left-wing government of New Zealand granted exemptions to several elites for the nation’s draconian vaccine mandates that were forced onto the rest of the public.

New Zealand had among the strictest pandemic restrictions of any country in the world.

The government raided people’s private homes and arrested citizens who refused to obey the lockdowns and forced injections.

However, evidence has now emerged that the government secretly granted exceptions to elites who didn’t want to get vaccinated or be locked in their mansions.

The hypocritical vaccine exemptions for the elite were granted by former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government before she stood down and accepted a new role as the World Economic Forum’s global “disinformation czar.”

Ardern’s decision to allow the elite to refuse the vaccine while forcing the vax on normal people was revealed by an Official Information Act (OIA) request HNZ00023978 dated 2 August 2023 which asked the following question:

“According to the legislation at the time in 2021, there were operational exemptions available for those who were not getting vaccinated against Covid 19.

“Your website outlines the process of applying for an operating exemption under clause 12a.

“How many requests were received? How many were approved by the ministry?”




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