New York Doubles Down on Democrats' War on Gas Appliances – EVOL

New York State is doubling down on the Democrats’ efforts to ban gas appliances in Americans’ homes in order to comply with green agenda goals to “fight climate change.”

The state’s Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul released her fiscal year 2025 budget on Monday which includes provisions for her administration’s “climate” agenda.

Gov. Hochul’s proposed budget includes provisions taken directly from the NY HEAT Act, also known as the Affordable Gas Transition Act, that further curb the public’s use of natural gas in the state.

The governor’s proposed budget pushes for “responsible, equitable, and effective gas system transition planning,” according to her office.

While Hochul’s office said the proposal wouldn’t force any resident to transition away from gas, the bill would empower state regulators to indirectly push such a transition.

“The Affordable Gas Transition Act would not force any existing customers to get rid of their gas service,” a spokesperson for Hochul said in a statement.

“Governor Hochul continues to prioritize the health and safety of New Yorkers by reducing harmful emissions and ensuring all New Yorkers have continued access to affordable and reliable utility service.”

But, if passed by the state’s legislature, Hochul’s budget would require utilities to provide incentives



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