NEW: Judge Cannon Unseals Unredacted Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant Affidavit – EVOL

Judge Aileen Cannon unsealed an unredacted version of the FBI’s affidavit used to obtain a Mar-a-Lago search warrant.

In August 2022 the Biden Justice Department released a highly redacted Trump raid affidavit.

Media organizations asked to unseal the affidavit in support of the search warrant.

Only a redacted version was previously unsealed.

Last year Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart approved new aspects of the Trump Mar-a-Lago search warrant to be unsealed, however “the government agreed that a redacted version of the Response could be unsealed without compromising legitimate governmental interests,” Bruce Reinhart wrote in his order on motion to unseal.

The newly unredacted documents reveal how the Biden Regime shifted the investigation from classified documents to an Espionage Act case.

In the unredacted version, the unidentified FBI Special Agent says he received training at Quantico specific to “counterintelligence and espionage investigations.”

Jack Smith indicted Trump on 37 federal counts in Miami last June for lawfully storing presidential records at his Mar-a-Lago estate which Secret Service agents protected.

Trump was charged with 31 counts under the Espionage Act of willful retention of national defense information and 6 other process crimes stemming from his conversations with his lawyer.

Happy Unredaction Sunday!




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