Nevada Supreme Court Removes Woke District Judge from Criminal Case – EVOL

The Nevada Supreme Court has stepped in and overruled the state’s judicial circuit regarding a controversial criminal case.

According to Yahoo News, the Nevada Supreme Court sent down a rarely-issued order for a judge to be removed from a case.

Clark County District Court Judge Jerry Wiese was ordered by the state’s high court to remove woke Judge Erika Ballou from a particular criminal case.

The order came down in the wake of Judge Ballou’s failure to abide by two previous orders from the high court regarding the case.

The criminal case in question involved Mia Christman.

At 18, Christman went on a violent crime spree that landed her a 10-year minimum prison sentence after she pleaded guilty to two felony charges.

Her attorney, Betsy Allen, argued in the appeal that Christman had been a victim of childhood trauma and sex trafficking

In response to the appeal, Judge Ballou vacated Christman’s sentence in 2021.

The decision meant she was released from prison before serving the full term.

Christman’s future then took another turn after she messed up again.

The Clark County District Attorney’s office continued to fight for Christman to serve the remainder of her sentence.

Prosecutors argued that



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