Nebraska Prepares to Mandate WEF’s ‘Digital ID’

Nebraska is preparing to become the first American state to mandate the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) ‘Digital ID’ system for the general public.

Officials in the state are currently in the process of amassing all health data on its residents for the new system.

The move, part of the newly formed state Health Information Technology Board’s remit, involves centralizing patient health and medical records.

However, the WEF’s digital ID system also includes support for a “digital wallet.”

State leaders claim the move seeks to safeguard against the “next pandemic.”

However, critics argue that forcing citizens to use a digital ID is a massive breach of privacy.

Officials have not revealed whether citizens will be forced to link their financial details to the system.

Many are now expressing trepidation about the apparent trajectory toward a national digital ID.

The Nebraska legislature was unanimous in sanctioning the creation of a Health Information Technology (HIT) Board in 2020.

According to the HIT Board, its 17 members were enunciated by the governor and confirmed by a majority legislative vote.

The members consist of various healthcare stakeholders — ranging from doctors to nurse practitioners and hospital administrators — bringing their clinical experience and expertise to



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