NDAs for All Who Saw OJ Simpson and a Phone Ban Were Part of Tight Security Measures in His Final Days: Report – EVOL

The death watch for O.J. Simpson was highly controlled to prevent leaks emerging before Simpson’s death Wednesday at the age of 76, according to a new report.

As Simpson was losing his final battle with prostate cancer, visitors who came to see him at his home were required to sign non-disclosure agreements, according to TMZ.

Phones were banned from the house, TMZ also reported, citing sources it did not name.

The report said that as of Friday, April 5, when Simpson seemed unlikely to recover, friends and family began to make their final calls. TMZ estimated between 30 and 50 people came to see the former football player who starred in one of America’s most famous trials.

TMZ reported that the two children Simpson had with Nicole Brown Simpson — who he was accused of murdering — attended. Sydney is now 38, and Justin is 35. Jason and Arnelle, Simpson’s children with Marguerite Whitley, also came to see him as he was dying. The report said they, as well as medical personnel, were required to sign NDAs.


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