NBA Legend Shaq Blasts LeBron James – EVOL

In a candid discussion on “The Big Podcast,” NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal and former NBA player Mario Chalmers delved into a variety of topics, including their illustrious playing careers, the dynamics of player rivalries, and notably, the perception of fear LeBron James instills in other players.

The episode offered a rare glimpse into the mindset of NBA players and the hierarchies of fear and respect that exist within the league.

“Including myself, I feared Mike. I’ve heard players in your generation say they feared Kobe. I’ve never really heard any player say they fear LeBron,” Shaq said during the podcast.

The conversation took a deeper dive when Shaq recalled the backlash he received for voicing this opinion. “You know, I got killed for that. When I first said that, people killed me for that,” he shared.


The LeBron vs. Jordan debate continues to be one of the most divisive discussions in basketball, centering on who is the greatest of all time (GOAT). Meanwhile, Shaq has always been known for his charismatic media presence following a dominant basketball career

He has shared his views on various social and political issues over the years, showing a particular interest in



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