Nancy Pelosi Launches New Attack On Israel – EVOL

In an interview published on Monday, Nancy Pelosi, the former House Speaker, expressed her belief that Benjamin Netanyahu, the duly elected prime minister of Israel, should step down from his position. Pelosi attributed her statement to Netanyahu’s decision to defend his country against the invasion by Hamas forces in October. She further highlighted the recent resignation of the intelligence chief of the Israel Defense Forces, which she linked to failures surrounding the Hamas-led attack on October 7.

“We recognize Israel’s right to protect itself. We reject the policy and the practice of Netanyahu — terrible. What could be worse than what he has done in response?” Pelosi announced. “He should resign. He’s ultimately responsible,” she added. “I don’t know whether he’s afraid of peace, incapable of peace, or just doesn’t want peace. But he has been an obstacle to the two-state solution.”

NBC reported:

“Earlier this month, Pelosi joined more than three dozen members of Congress who signed a letter urging President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken to “reconsider” a recent decision to authorize a new arms package transfer to Israel. The lawmakers had called for the U.S. to withhold future arms transfers until it completes



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