MyPillow is getting evicted from a warehouse, but Lindell says it's not used anymore – EVOL

MyPillow is getting evicted from one of two Shakopee warehouses it leases, but CEO Mike Lindell told the Reformer that the building has been sitting empty since last fall.

The company’s main manufacturing warehouse — about a mile away ­— is where all of the Minnesota company’s products are made, including the famous foam-filled pillow, as well as bath towels, slippers, coffee and mattress covers.

The Star Tribune first reported Tuesday that MyPillow owes its second warehouse landlord over $200,000 in rent, and a judge said she’d approve the landlord’s request to vacate the building after at least four default notices were sent over the past six months.

The empty warehouse at 4701 Valley Blvd. S was being used for retail equipment, much of which was auctioned off last year. Lindell said that since being dropped by multiple retailers in recent years, the building hasn’t been needed. It’s about one-third the size of their main warehouse, he said.

The building was subleased last year, Lindell said, and a new tenant was supposed to move in this month, but backed out at the last minute. He said the tenant was going to use the warehouse to store sugar beets.

“We were



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