MUST WATCH: Milwaukee news crew witnesses, records hit-and-run crash involving stolen vehicle while reporting on recent shooting – EVOL

Milwaukee reporter Kaylee Staral with TMJ4 was recording a follow up report on a shooting when she witnessed a hit and run in which a driver crashed into a parked car in which a 57-year-old was sitting. The driver of the instigating car exited the vehicle and fled on foot while the passenger struggled to get out of the car and appeared to be in substantial pain.

Milwaukee police said the car had been freshly stolen and that two people were hurt in the incident. From behind the reporter, a car can be seen veering into an intersection before leaving the roadway, jumping the curb, and smashing into a parked car.

The driver of the vehicle then exits and flees on foot, leaving the passenger to fend for themselves. A passerby attempts to aid the passenger and the reporters call 911 to report the incident. 

In a report, TMJ4 gives further details on the incident, which happened on Sunday night. Per police, a driver lost control of the car before crashing into a parked car. That parked car smashed into an unmarked Milwaukee Police Department squad car. 

The man who was in the parked car was taken to the hospital for treatment, as



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