Multiple Counties Outlaw Covid Shots as ‘Ban the Jab’ Movement Spreads

Several counties in Florida have officially signed a resolution to ban Covid mRNA vaccines and label the shots “bioweapons.”

A “Ban the Jab” movement has been rapidly spreading and prohibits COVID-19 vaccinations and other mRNA vaccines.

It is gaining traction across Florida and nine counties in the state have now banned the jabs.

The initiative aims to influence Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, to halt the distribution and administration of these vaccines statewide.

Originally started by Republicans in Brevard County, the campaign escalated when the Brevard County Republican Executive Committee (BREC) overwhelmingly passed a resolution in July to ban these vaccines, labeling them a “biological and technological weapon.”

The resolution also claims that the COVID-19 virus itself is a “bioweapon.”

Support for this resolution has since been sought from Republicans at various levels, including state and federal lawmakers as well as Governor DeSantis.

To date, Republican executive committees in nine Florida counties have endorsed this resolution, which aims to not only ban the vaccines but also calls on state Attorney General Ashley Moody to confiscate all existing supplies for forensic analysis.

The resolution, termed “Ban the Jab,” was authored by psychotherapist Joseph Sansone and has garnered support from local GOP officials



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