MTG Owns CNN Reporter on “Government Shutdown,” Reminds Him of Dem Support for ‘Lockdowns’

Marjorie Taylor Greene was confronted by CNN’s Chief Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju about the looming government shutdown.

The Notorious MTG was ready to give the CNN reporter all the smoke.

“Let’s talk about the White House and the Senate,” she said. “I mean, Democrats are clearly, they’re fine with shutdowns. They shut down the whole country over Covid for far too long, and the American people suffered.”

“I promise you, most Americans aren’t too worried about the government shutting down which is a serious problem. But this is because Democrats shut down the country,” she continued.

“So there needs to be people here in Washington need to understand how it feels to be shut down, because the American people know exactly how that feels,” she added. “They lost their businesses. They lost jobs. Kids lost almost two years of school.”

“So, I mean, it’s not like the American people don’t understand shutdowns,” she went on. “The White House and the Senate, which is Democrat controlled, said that this CR was dead on arrival. They don’t want to secure the border. So I’ve got to go in here. I want to find a path that’s going to work. What is need



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