MSNBC Hosts in Full Meltdown Mode Over Special Counsel Comments on Biden's Age and Memory (VIDEO) – EVOL

It was all hands on deck at MSNBC tonight, as their primetime hosts huddled together at the news desk to pick apart the findings of the Biden special counsel.

They were BIG MAD that the special counsel had the nerve to question Biden’s age and memory.

These people are not journalists. They are not news media. They are palace guards for Democrats. Their job is to spin news in favor of Biden and other Dems and to attack any and all Republicans.

From Townhall:

MSNBC did not disappoint either, highlighting how not recalling things in a deposition is routine. Like CNN’s Toobin, Lawrence O’Donnell and Ari Melber were not pleased with the derogatory, partisan cheap shots aimed at Biden regarding his age and mental health.

The whole segment oozed with Acela Media’s other sin: an addiction to credentialism, where opinions they find disagreeable are dismissed due to a lack of experts making the arguments. In this case, Mr. Hur isn’t a doctor, so who cares about the language in Biden’s memory? Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, and Chris Hayes participated in this panel. It’s what you’d expect to overhear from coastal elitist dining at a restaurant serving overpriced food.



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