MSNBC Host Issues Disgusting Response to Hamas’ Slaughter of Civilians – He Doesn’t Blame the Terrorists

It’s predictable, but still it’s revolting.

On the same day terrorists launched a surprise attack on southern Israel from their base in the Gaza Strip, an MSNBC host and analyst was already on American television screens casting blame for the bloodshed.

And for Ayman Mohyeldin, the blame lies everywhere but where it truly belongs.

Mohyeldin appeared on MSNBC’s “Velshi” to provide the leftist network’s viewers with a leftist spin on the attack that has so far cost more than 600 Israeli lives with thousands more wounded, with an unknown number of civilians and soldiers taken prisoner.

And the leftist spin was, all too predictably, that the violence is the fault of its victims.

Israel’s inability to live peaceably next to the cancerous, terrorist regime of Hamas, and instead pursue peace opportunities with the larger Arab world, is the reason it has been hit with a literal invasion from a semi-state run by barbarians that’s carved into its southern territory.

“What we’re seeing today are very deadly consequences of failed policies,” Mohyeldin said at about the 3:50 mark of the video below.

MSNBC’s @AymanM: “What we are seeing today is the deadly consequences of failed policies; failure on the American



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