MSNBC Host Calls Out Biden Campaign Official over Anti-Trump Robert De Niro Presser: ‘Doesn’t Feel Right at All’ – EVOL

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski called out the Biden campaign official who led the bizarre anti-Trump press conference outside the New York City courthouse where the “hush money” trial has been taking place.

As Slay News reported, Democrat President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign made the questionable decision to hold a presser outside the courthouse while closing arguments were taking place inside.

The campaign took advantage of the media presence and large crowds that had gathered outside for the final day of proceedings for the trial against President Donald Trump.

Biden campaign communications director Michael Tyler led the press conference which featured speeches from “special guests,” including anti-Trump Hollywood star Robert De Niro.

During his trainwreck speech, De Niro made a series of wild, unhinged statements about President Trump.

The actor invoked 9/11 and suggested that Trump should be treated in a similar way to the terrorists behind the attacks because he “wants” to “destroy the world.”


Robert De Niro at the Biden campaign press conference invokes 9/11 while criticizing Trump: The Twin Towers fell over here…We vowed we would not allow terrorists to change our way of life…Donald Trump wants to destroy not only this city, but the country,



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