MSNBC Dedicates Segment to Smearing White Rural Voters as ‘Most Racist’ in America: ‘Threat to Democracy’ – EVOL

Far-left “news” network MSNBC dedicated an entire segment to smearing white voters in rural communities as a “threat to American democracy.”

MSDNC’s “Morning Joe” gave airtime to two leftist authors who explained why white rural Americans are the “most racist” in the country.

Professor of political science at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Thomas Schaller, and journalist and opinion writer Paul Waldman argued why they believe this “geodemographic” is “anti-democracy.”

Schaller and Waldman are the authors of a book called, “White Rural Rage: The Threat to American Democracy.”

While describing white rural Americans, Schaller said:

“They are the most racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-gay, geodemographic group in the country.

“Second, they’re the most conspiracist group.

“QAnon support and subscribers, election denialism, Covid denialism instead of scientific skepticism, Obama birtherism.”

Schaller also claimed that white rural voters don’t believe in democracy.

“They don’t believe in an independent press, free speech,” he falsely claimed.

“They’re most likely to say the president should be able to act unilaterally without any checks from Congress, or the courts, or the bureaucracy.

“They’re also the most strongly white nationalist and white Christian nationalist,” Schaller said.

“Fourth, they’re most likely to excuse or justify violence as



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