Moderna Caught Running Secret Operation to Silence Vaccine Critics

Vaccine maker Moderna has been caught secretly running a widespread operation that sought to shut down people who criticized their Covid mRNA injections.

According to a new report, Moderna engaged in illegal surveillance and influence operations designed to erase any and all bad press about their vaccines from the internet.

UnHerd reports that the company ventured into the murky world of surveillance, propaganda, censorship, and public influence to hide the disastrous side effects of the jabs.

The company used the network to influence the public discourse on vaccines.

Central to this operation is a collaboration with Public Good Projects (PGP) and former law enforcement officials.

PGP is a drug industry-funded NGO.

The operation aimed to combat what the company considers to be vaccine “misinformation.”

However, this initiative’s scope and methods have sparked significant concerns.

The effort was blurring lines between public health advocacy and corporate surveillance.

During the pandemic, Moderna transformed almost overnight from a fledgling biotech firm to a household name.

Moderna’s sudden success was thanks to the widespread use of its mRNA vaccine.

However, as the demand for vaccinations waned, so did Moderna’s earnings.

In response, Moderna increased vaccine prices.

However, the Big Pharma company also embarked



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