Missouri AG Alleges Soros’s Media Matters Defrauded Public, Launches Probe.

Leftist governments in Denmark and Australia are adopting a more hardline stance on immigration than many notionally conservative governments. Australia’s governing Labor Party has pledged to cut net immigration in half. Denmark’s Social Democrats have pledged zero net immigration, a.k.a. balanced immigration.

Australia, with a population of only around 25 million, suffered net immigration of around 510,000 in the year to June. The government has conceded the system is “broken” and “in tatters” – blaming the previous center-right government. They say they will reduce it to around 250,000 by June 2025.

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There is growing acknowledgment that an ongoing housing crisis cannot be resolved if mass migration continues at current levels.

Denmark, a generous welfare state, is going even further. They aim to balance the number of people entering the country against the number of people leaving, with the government insisting: “If you want to be a party of the working class and middle class, you have to ensure that migration has a manageable level.”

Social Democrat lawmaker Rasmus Stoklund explained his party’s increasingly anti-immigration stance



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