Mississippi Democrat Accuses Fellow Dems of Election Fraud in Primary Race

A Mississippi Democrat has accused his fellow Democratic Party members of committing election fraud during a recent primary.

Hinds County District 2 Supervisor David Archie says voter fraud impacted the results of a recent Democrat primary.

According to Archie, the alleged election corruption was orchestrated by a Democrat county chairperson.

Archie is contesting the results of the recent election results against challenger Anthony Smith. Archie is claiming that there was voter fraud committed in the Democratic primary election held on Aug. 8.

He is accusing his fellow Democrats of committing a “high-tech election heist with corruption as well as fraud.”

“He lost to Anthony Smith, who, according to results from Hinds County election officials, won by 63% of the vote,” WAPT reported.

Archie said he requested a ballot box review of the results after losing the election.

He claimed that the Hinds County Democratic Party only provided him with the paper ballots.

Archie said that failed to supply him with secondary confirmation measures, such as a voter signature book, digital images of the ballots, or the thumb drives from the voting machines.

He claims the election fraud was orchestrated by the chairperson of the Hinds County Democratic Executive Committee,



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