Millions in New Dark Money Funneled into Biden’s Top Super PAC – EVOL

Millions of dollars in new dark money funds have been funneled into Democrat President Joe Biden’s primary super political action committee (PAC), financial filings have revealed.

The Future Forward PAC received an $8 million contribution from its affiliated Future Forward USA Action nonprofit arm on December 29.

The funneling of cash was revealed in the PAC’s new filings to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Biden’s team elevated the PAC as the leading external group to raise money for his 2024 candidacy.

Future Forward USA Action does not disclose the identities of its donors.

The secrecy means the origination of the millions that will ultimately benefit Biden is unknown.

Earlier this month, Future Forward told Politico that the group raised $200 million between its nonprofit and super PAC last year.

The super PAC’s new filings reveal it raised around $25 million in contributions in 2023.

This signals that most of this money is likely parked in its dark money nonprofit.

The flow of dark money positions Biden to benefit from far more funds from unidentified sources.

Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of Americans for Public Trust, blasted Biden of his double-standard regarding dark money.

“The same Joe Biden who once said ‘dark



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