Mike Pence Declares He Will Not Endorse Trump for Re-Election – EVOL

Former Vice President Mike Pence has made a significant announcement regarding the upcoming presidential election.

In a move that has sent ripples through the political landscape, Pence has declared that he will not endorse President Donald Trump for re-election.

Declining to support Trump, his former running mate, Pence cites profound disagreements as the core reason for his decision, Breitbart reported.

The move marks a pivotal moment in their political relationship.

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Pence found himself at the center of a pointed question by anchor Martha MacCallum.

MacCallum referenced Trump’s recent securing of the nomination and the endorsements from some of his former adversaries, questioning Pence on his stance.

This moment set the stage for Pence’s announcement that would diverge from the expected political norm, as many awaited his endorsement of Trump.

Pence’s response was not only a declaration of non-endorsement but also a reflection on the achievements of their administration.

He spoke highly of their tenure, emphasizing the prosperity and security it brought to America, along with significant conservative appointments to the judiciary.

Yet, this fond remembrance was contrasted sharply with his critique of Trump’s recent actions and policies.

Pence outlined the “profound differences” that



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