Mike Pence 'Confident' that President Trump will NOT be GOP Nominee

In an interview with CBS News, Mike Pence stated that he is ‘confident’ that the GOP nominee will not be the ‘former president.’

I assumed Pence was delusional for thinking he could beat President Trump in the GOP primaries, but this is on another level.

Let’s take a look at the transcript provided by CBS News:

NANCY CORDES: — We’re talking about- we’re talking about Ramaswamy here. If you don’t mind, Mr. Vice President, he said that he would pardon, Mr. Trump. You were one of six candidates on the stage who said that you would support Mr. Trump, even if he is convicted of a felony. Why do you feel that way? Especially since you also said on the stage that you felt that he asked you to put him before the Constitution? Why should someone like that be President?

FORMER VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Well, look, I signed a pledge to be on that stage to say that I support the Republican nominee. I remain confident, more confident after Wednesday night, that the Republican nominee will not be the former president, that we’re going to give the American people a standard bearer for the GOP that’s going to be



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