Mike Pence After the GOP Presidential Debate: ‘Donald Trump Is Not Going to Be the Republican Nominee’

On Thursday, following the Republican presidential debate in Milwaukee, former Vice President Mike Pence, who is vying for the GOP nomination, downplayed the chances of former President Donald Trump securing the 2024 GOP nomination.

“Well, look, every one of us on the stage signed a pledge to support the Republican nominee,” he said. “And, frankly, my hand was raised in that spirit, just in keeping my word.”

“But I really do believe more after last night that Donald Trump is not going to be the Republican nominee,” he added.

“I know that many of you in the media think this is already a rematch between Trump and Biden. I don’t see that,” he said.

“I think last night, the American people saw hopefully — hopefully, they got a better sense of me and my role as a leader over the last 20 years,” Pence continued.

“But also, I think they got a better sense of what a deep bench the Republican Party has and that we have — we have better choices for 2024 for our party,” he stated.

“So, I’m more confident than ever that our party is going to give us a standard bear fitted to the



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