Mike Gallagher to Resign from Congress Next Month, Further Shrinking GOP House Majority – EVOL

The Republicans’ House majority has just been dealt another blow as Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) announced Friday he will be resigning from Congress next month.

Gallagher’s shock resignation further shrinks the tight majority that Republicans have in the House of Representatives.

He will leave the GOP with just a one-seat majority.

The congressman announced Friday that he will leave on April 19.

Mike Gallagher QUITTING Congress early leaves House Republicans with a ONE SEAT Majority.

It is unbelievably selfish move.

He also just voted for the $1.2T America Last omnibus bill.

What a giant FU to the great patriots of #WI08 and the entire Republican Party!

— Alex Bruesewitz 🇺🇸 (@alexbruesewitz) March 22, 2024

Rep. Mike Gallagher has announced he is resigning his Congressional seat effective April 19.

This is calculated. Gallagher could leave now, and allow his safe Republican seat to be filled quickly. Instead, he is deliberately leaving on a timeline that will leave it empty until…

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) March 22, 2024

The news comes after Gallagher announced last month that he would not seek re-election.

Gallagher made the announcement after he cast a crucial vote against impeaching Democrat President Joe Biden’s Department of



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