Michael Gableman Provides Election Fraud Report During Disbarment Trial of John Eastman

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman testified during the California disbarment trial of John Eastman.

California is attempting to disbar Eastman, one of President Donald Trump’s former lawyers, in relation to “election interference.”

Gableman was the first witness called for Eastman since he was hired as special counsel to investigate voter fraud in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Speaker of the House Robin Vos hired Gableman.

Gableman claims the investigation was meant to be “not a serious effort.”

Nevertheless, Gableman found many issues with Wisconsin’s election in 2020.

Unreal. Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, testifying in the disbarment trial of Trump’s attorney John Eastman, just said that although the Racine County sheriff referred charges to the Racine County DA regarding Wisconsin election officials at WEC, the DA… pic.twitter.com/ZfkvDx3jz3

— Rachel Alexander (@Rach_IC) September 8, 2023

BREAKING: Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman says he found that nursing home workers were forging residents’ signatures for absentee ballots and pressuring residents to cast ballots who had been adjudicated incompetent during the 2020 election.

— Leading Report (@LeadingReport) September 8, 2023

There are several other allegations that he uncovered.

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