Michael Cohen Cashing In on Donations for Anti-Trump Rants on TikTok – EVOL

Disgraced former attorney Michael Cohen has been cashing in on donations through Chinese-owned social media platform TikTok as he rants about President Donald Trump to his 290,000 followers.

Cohen is supposed to be a star witness against Trump in his New York “hush money” trial.

His TikTok livestreams last for hours and attract thousands of viewers.

Some of those viewers give him TikTok “gifts” to fuel his anti-Trump rants.

The gifts have financial value which can be cashed in.

On Tuesday night, Cohen reportedly said during a livestream: “Trump 2024? … More like Trump 20-24 years.”

Last Wednesday, Cohen said he would not make any more public remarks about Trump until after he testifies at the trial.

However, that night he mentioned him again during a conversation with radical Hollywood leftist Rosie O’Donnell on that night’s livestream.

“I’m washing my hands of him until I end up seeing him face-to-face and I am a witness on the stand to provide truthful testimony,” Cohen alleged.


Trump’s attorneys already plan to argue that Cohen is benefitting financially from his antagonism toward Trump.

As with many anti-Trump public figures, Cohen’s comments are often amplified by the corporate media, boosting his



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