Megyn Kelly SHREDS Don Lemon In Hilarious Segment – EVOL

Things are not going well for Don Lemon. During a SiriusXM show on Thursday, Megyn Kelly, along with The Fifth Column podcast, unleashed a wave of criticism at the expense of Lemon’s foray into his new show that was quickly canned by X, formerly Twitter.

The segment delved into a range of issues, from Lemon’s interviewing skills, his understanding of free speech, to his extraordinary demands for Elon Musk. Kelly said Lemon’s reported laundry list of demands from Musk included a Tesla Cybertruck, a trip on a SpaceX rocket, and a significant say in Musk’s future media talent deals.

“He wanted half the company, he wanted to do podcasts in space,” the hosts joked. “As somebody who actually has negotiated several contracts in cable news and broadcast news… that’s exactly the opposite of what you do,” Kelly explained.

“You make a demand that is reasonable, that is big… but you don’t want to make yourself look like an asshole, right?” Kelly remarked.


Lemon’s ambitious move to X faced significant setbacks. The launch of “The Don Lemon Show” was marred by a conspicuous decline in viewer interest, particularly after his exclusive interview with Musk.

The show’s premiere episode initially garnered



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