Meghan McCain Loses Her Marbles, Responds to Olive Branch from Kari Lake by Raging Out on X, ‘NO PEACE, B*TCH!’ – EVOL

Former prominent newscaster Kari Lake is having a real one with Meghan McCain on Twitter/X today. Lake, a major Donald Trump ally, former Republican gubernatorial nominee for Arizona, and U.S. Senate candidate, has attempted to reach out to politically divisive Meghan McCain.

Lake is clearly trying to make amends with the McCain family to see if she can gain support from a wing of the GOP that is not a fan of Trump world.

This act alone was and is a steep ask, to begin with. While Lake probably knew McCain would not react favorably, this action may be a political power play nonetheless. Lake started the brouhaha with a long-winded X in response to a previous X post where McCain also called her a “bitch”: (typos not corrected)

“Hi Meghan, As mothers, (both with two kiddos) I’m know we both agree that our children’s future is too important to let it slip away over past grudges or hurt feelings. That’s why I’m working hard to unite Republicans, Independents, Democrats — ALL Americans. We are facing huge challenges and it’s going to take ‘all hands on deck’ to pull things back from the brink. My dad passed



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