Mayor Adams Issues Urgent Warning as Border Crisis Engulfs New York City – EVOL

Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has just issued an urgent warning over the national border crisis as New York City has now become overrun with illegal aliens.

Adams stressed with a sense of urgency that New York City has now run “out of room” due to the flood of migrants.

The mayor is warning that the escalating border crisis is engulfing not only the Big Apple but other major cities across America.

“Our hearts are endless, but our resources are not,” Adams warned.

“It’s not like New York is not saying we are not a city of immigrants. We are.

“We have a rich history of immigrants, but we can’t take the global problem and it become our problem.

“That is unfair to New Yorkers, and is unfair to migrants.”

Thanks to NYC’s “sanctuary city” policies, Adams faces a predicament as the Big Apple is bursting at the seams.

Officials are struggling to find places to house all of the illegals and are spending billions in taxpayer funds on doing so.

However, thanks to these “sanctuary city” policies, Adams is unable to hand migrants who are repeat offenders over to I.C.E., meaning the city is experiencing a theft and violent



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