Mayor Adams Begs Wealthy New Yorkers for Help as ‘Sanctuary City’ Buckles under Migrant Crisis

New York City’s Democrat Mayor Eric Adams is begging NYC’s wealthy residents for financial help as the “sanctuary city” struggles to cope with the strain on resources caused by President Joe Biden’s migrant crisis.

Adams is urging rich New Yorkers to open their wallets to help weather a financial storm as the city remains overwhelmed by the flood of illegal aliens.

The call from Adams comes just days after the city unveiled deep budget cuts.

“This is a moment where it’s an all hands on deck moment,” Adams told a Police Athletic League lunch on Friday.

“The way it goes, New York goes, America goes, but I’m going to need you more than ever to support many of these organizations like PAL, Robin Hood Foundation, and others,” he said, according to the New York Post.

“A moment where our philanthropic interests must align with some of the gaps and services that we are seeing today.”

Adams also reportedly urged New Yorkers to “reach out to Washington, D.C.” and demand more support for the city.

According to Adams, NYC  is carrying a “national crisis.”

The remarks came a day after the “sanctuary city” announced that it is reducing police numbers to



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