Maui Fire Survivor Puts Biden on Blast: ‘What Kind of President Does That?’

Full disclosure: I was born and raised in Hawaii, so this story literally hits rather close to home.

It also means I can vouch for much of what these angry, hurting, raw, and proud local Hawaiians are saying in the aftermath of the catastrophic Maui wildfires.

According to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, the death toll sits at 114 but is expected to rise as recovery efforts continue. And while obviously secondary to the human lives lost, it would be remiss not to consider the near-total property damage, lost heirlooms, and historic sites razed.

Even further away in importance from the human lives lost, but also still worth considering: Hawaii is one of the 50 United States of America, meaning it has electoral votes up for grabs — so what’s up with Biden’s callous response to the tragedy on Maui?

Given that Hawaiians are American citizens and thus have a vote, wouldn’t it make some modicum of sense for Biden to do something more substantive than merely showing face on Maui two weeks after the fact? Don’t think the local Hawaiians haven’t noticed Biden’s overall response to this tragedy.

One Maui resident, Mike Cicchino told NewsNation how most Hawaiians aren’t even particularly



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