Matt Gaetz Asks Merrick Garland Million-Dollar Question About Jan 6: “ On January 6th, did you lose count of the number of federal assets and order an audit?”

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) hammered Attorney General Merrick Garland over questions regarding President Joe Biden’s relations with China before stopping the show with a critical  question about Jan 6.

GAETZ: Are you saying that North Korea has the same malign influence risk to the United States as the Chinese Communist Party. Because here’s what it looks like. It looks like the Chinese gave all this money to the Bidens and then you guys came in and got rid of the China initiative and it was successful. I saw one rationale that you guys got rid of the China initiative because it was racial profiling.”

GARLAND: There are a lot of questions that you just asked. Let me start with the first one about North Korea. North Korea is a dangerous actor, both kinetically and with respect to cyber.

GAETZ: But not on par with China. Okay, it’s unserious to suggest-

GARLAND: May I answer your question or-

GAETZ: Answer the question about whether or not you know about all the millions of dollars-

GARLAND: You don’t want me to answer about North Korea.

GAETZ: I already know the answer, and so does everyone. They’re not the same risk as



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