Mark Levin Has BIG Warning For Republicans As Dems Prosecute Trump – EVOL

Fox News host Mark Levin is warning Republicans to pay close attention to what is happening in the Trump trials and at the Supreme Court.

He spoke to fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity about it as they were talking about the campus protests against Israel at many colleges in the United States:

“Let’s start with the Hitler youth on our college and university campuses,” he said. “Joe Biden has gaslit this entire thing with his comments about Israel, his attacks on Bibi Netanyahu, his attacks on Israel trying to defend itself against Gaza and all the rest, Joe Biden is responsible for much of the hate and that’s why he doesn’t stand up like a man, like a statesman and put it down and say it in unequivocal terms. This isn’t about Palestine. This is about terrorism on our college campuses.

“Joe Biden has been on the wrong side whether it was race and bigotry when he walked into the Senate, and now, it’s antisemitism. He’s the antisemite president, that’s what he is, the Third Reich in the Ivory Tower. It’s been written about, the Third Reich in the Ivory Tower, Hitler’s American friends, it’s been written about,



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