Maricopa County Recorder Furious After Judge Ruled That Maricopa County’s Election Procedures Are Unlawful

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer is furious about an upcoming change in election procedures that aims to simplify the detection of fraudulent signatures on mail-in ballots.

It was recently reported that a Yavapai County judge rejected the Defendants’ Motions to Dismiss the Arizona Free Enterprise Club and Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections’ recent lawsuit to prohibit the Arizona Secretary of State from enforcing illegal election procedures relating to mail-in ballot signature verification.

This ruling confirmed that Maricopa County has been conducting elections unlawfully.

The Judge ordered that “the language of the statute is clear and unambiguous,” and the current procedures for verifying mail-in ballot signatures “do not have the force of law.”

According to the current Arizona Elections Procedures Manual, when a mail-in ballot affidavit signature is accepted, or when a voter signs in to vote in person using the touchscreen signature log, the utilized signature gets included in the voter’s “registration record” to be used for future reference.

With these rules, County Recorders only have to consistently manipulate the system by using fake signatures to match previous fraudulent ballots. However, this Judge’s order modifies that and mandates the use of voter registration signatures exclusively.

Secretary of State Adrian



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