Manhattan DA Bragg Outraged as Arizona Prosecutor Refuses to Extradite Murder Suspect over Fears He’ll Be Released – EVOL

An Arizona prosecutor has outraged Manhattan’s anti-Trump Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg by refusing to extradite a wanted murder suspect due to New York City’s soft-on-crime approach to violent criminals.

Bragg, like so many other progressive leftist prosecutors, has a penchant for a soft touch toward violent thugs.

Dangerous crooks in Bragg’s district are often released from custody with low or no bail pending charges and trial for their alleged criminal behavior.

Many of the criminals often go out and re-offend once they’re released back onto the streets.

Bragg is now furious that his reputation is being used against him by an Arizona prosecutor who is refusing to extradite an alleged murder suspect to New York.

Maricopa County District Attorney Rachel Mitchell, a Republican, is concerned that the alleged killer, a career criminal with a history of violence, will eventually end up back on the streets, according to ABC News.

Instead, Mitchell intends to fully prosecute the wanted suspect for multiple serious crimes he allegedly committed in the Phoenix area before turning him back over to New York authorities.

At issue here, according to New York’s local Fox affiliate WNYW, is an alleged career criminal named Raad Almansoori, 26.



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