Man Who Beat Sheila Jackson Lee Adds Insult to Injury with Post-Victory Statement on His Defeated Opponent | by Bryan Chai, The Western Journal

Being a gracious winner is overrated and there’s nothing wrong with being a sore loser.

As far as being a “sore” loser goes, show this writer a “good” loser, and he’ll show you a loser. There’s nothing wrong with letting a loss bug you and eat away at you, especially if it helps provide some much-needed life motivation.

(Society could stand to benefit from quite a bit more of that sort of shame and introspection, but that’s neither here nor there.)

As far as how it’s overrated to be a gracious winner … Look, sportsmanship and decorum obviously have their place in civilized society.

But there are times when tough love — or “tough grace,” if you will — isn’t just recommended, but almost necessary.

Take, for example, the biting victory speech put forth by the new Houston mayor, John Whitmire.

As reported on by the Houston Chronicle, Mayor-elect Whitmire handily beat Sheila Jackson Lee in a landslide win, 64.4 percent to 35.6 percent in a special election Saturday night, and didn’t pull punches when describing his fellow Democrat in a victory speech.

“People want to go to work for me because we respect people. We don’t bully people,” Whitmire



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