Maine has plans to counteract Nebraska’s Electoral College scheme – EVOL

In an attempt to score former President Donald Trump one more electoral vote, Nebraska Republican lawmakers are seeking to turn the state into a winner-take-all voting system, but Maine Democrats said if Nebraska does that, they would make the same move to help President Joe Biden.

Maine and Nebraska are the only states that award their electoral votes based on which candidate wins in each congressional district. The move by Nebraska GOP lawmakers is an attempt to prevent Biden from earning an Electoral College vote by winning the state’s Omaha district, which he did in 2020. If successful, this strategy would shut down Biden’s easiest path to victory, entailing a win in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and winning Nebraska’s 2nd District. 

The bill has been stalled in the legislature, but it’s prompted Maine Democrats to also pursue a winner-take-all system, thus losing Trump an electoral vote. 

On Friday, Maine’s state House majority leader, Maureen Terry, said in a statement that Democrats, who hold a majority in the legislature, would “be compelled to act in order to restore fairness” if Nebraska Republicans are successful with their measure.

“Voters in Maine and voters in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District value their independence, but they



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