Liz Cheney Claims U.S. Is ‘Sleepwalking Into A Dictatorship’ While Labeling Pro-Trump Republicans As ‘Collaborators’

Former U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney — who was defeated by nearly 36 percentage points in the 2022 primary for Wyoming’s lone congressional district — referred to House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) as a “collaborator” in former President Trump’s “attempt to overthrow the election.”

“What Donald Trump is trying to do, he can’t do it by himself. He has to have collaborators. And the story of Mike Johnson is the story of a collaborator and of someone who knew then and knows now that what he’s doing and saying is wrong, but he’s willing to do it in an effort to please Donald Trump,” Cheney told CBS News. “And that’s what makes it dangerous.”

Host John Dickerson then asked for clarification, “The Speaker of the House is a collaborator to overthrow the last election. to overthrow the last election?” he asked. “Absolutely,” Cheney replied.

The former “Republican” also claimed that the party losing control of the House would be good for the country, adding that a continued Republican majority would be “dangerous.” When asked what would happen if Mike Johnson is still House speaker on January 5, 2025, Cheney said “he can’t be.”

“You know, we’re facing a situation with respect



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