Lindsey Graham Booed During Trump Remarks, But Then He Fires Up the Crowd with a Big Statement – EVOL

Senator Lindsey Graham joined Donald Trump in taking a victory lap after the former president obtained a massive win in South Carolina that effectively ends his last remaining rival Nikki Haley’s viability in the Republican primary race.

Graham, whose home state is South Carolina, joined Donald Trump as he took a victory lap.

“Another man — not a lot of people know him, he doesn’t do too much television,” Trump joked. “He happens to be a little bit further left than some of the people on the stage.”

“But I always say when I’m in trouble on the left, I call up Lindsey Graham and he straightens it out so fast,” Trump said and starts hearing the grumbling from the crowd.

“And I’ll tell you, no, no, no, no,” Trump continued. “Remember, remember I love him. He is a good man. Come up here, Lindsey. Come up here. Lindsey.”

The South Carolina senator then walked up to the microphone and shook off the boos.

“Okay. Are you ready? America, the nightmare you’re facing is just about over,” Graham said. “Help is on the way. This is the most qualified man to be president of the United States,” Graham said,



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