Libertarians Nominating LGBTQ Chase Oliver BACKFIRES – EVOL

The Libertarian Party chose for their presidential nominee…

a pro-vaccine, pro-trans, pro-BLM, pro-DEI, gay candidate, Chase Oliver.

Talk about shooting your tires before you even start the race!

I don’t think they’re going to get 3% of the votes this time.

Maybe half a percent.

And because of their liberal, basically Democrat-in-everything-but-name nominee, many Libertarians are now joining Trump’s Team!

Yesterday, I held up this sign calling Donald Trump supporters socialists.

Tonight, the Libertarian Party nominated a gay race communist for president.

With those choices, I’m standing with Donald Trump.

— Jeremy Kauffman 🦔 (@jeremykauffman) May 27, 2024

I give you, the Libertarian’s Presidential nominee:


The best you could do is a Gay Communist who supports vaccines , loves ANTIFA , & hates Trump as your nominee?

What the £uck are you thinkin?

— 🪶Native Patriot 🇺🇸 (@LaNativePatriot) May 28, 2024

Libertarian presidential nominee Chase Oliver is also a radical BLM

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) May 27, 2024

Looks like Trump has successfully taken out the Libertarians, which won him a great many votes.

Trump got the Libertarian Party to implode itself

It will take them years to recover



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