Liberal Washington Post Reporter Admits Trump Is Victim of Double Standard in NY ‘Fraud’ Case

A liberal Washington Post reporter has raised the alarm over concerns that the Democrats are targeting President Donald Trump with a double standard of justice.

Ruth Marcus, a columnist and associate editor of the Washington Post, wrote Tuesday that she worries Trump is getting harsher treatment than “anyone else.”

Marcus was responding to Democrat New York Attorney General Letitia James’s “fraud” case against Trump.

“The rule of law means not allowing Trump to evade responsibility, criminal or civil, for his behavior,” she wrote.

“But it also entails not treating Trump more harshly than anyone else in similar circumstances, and I worry that is what is happening here.”

Marcus said that while she believes Trump is a “fraudster,” the punishment the 45th president received was “unprecedented.”

She also added that she would be “cheering if Trump is ordered to write a big check.”

“But forcing the sale or other disposition of his businesses, as the judge ordered in his opinion last week, seems both unnecessary and unduly punitive, disproportionate to the offenses charged,” Marcus continued.

“And I worry that this consequence would not have been meted out to a different defendant who engaged in similar misconduct.”

Marcus cites multiple experts,



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