Leo Terrell Calls on Mitch McConnell to 'Resign' After Second ‘Freezing’ Incident

Ardent Donald Trump supporter and popular news commentator Leo Terrell has not minced words after U.S. Senator and minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has had a second apparent “freezing” incident while publicly speaking.

“Resign Mitch. Put Country First!” Terrell said with a repost of a Media Right News X. Hannah Thomas originally posted the video with more:

Resign Mitch. Put Country First! https://t.co/GBlnsZdChd

— LeoTerrell (@TheLeoTerrell) August 30, 2023

“Here’s more of what we saw at the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Government Forum. Hoping Sen. McConnell is able to take some time to rest”

Full story here:https://t.co/tpyanOnj5r

— Hannah Thomas (@HannahPThomas) August 30, 2023

McConnell has had many sad health issues lately:

Terrell has been vocal about McConnell before:

Many have speculated that the minority leader probably knows it’s time to retire, but is perhaps bitterly holding on to do what he can to hurt Donald Trump politically behind the scenes.

While this is speculation, it’s not a hard conclusion to draw. We will see what comes next of this ongoing saga.




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