Leftists are Throwing a Fit Over Kyle Rittenhouse… Again.

On August 25th, three years ago, Kyle Rittenhouse killed three individuals in self-defense during a BLM riot.

Despite being cleared of all of his charges by the legal system.

The left was furious that Kyle Rittenhouse was able to kill three people.

Now that the third anniversary is here, people are venting their frustrations again.

One group getting flamed over it is ‘Moms Demand Action’ on Twitter.

Check out the post:

Since then, armed demonstrations—largely driven by far-right mobilization and reactions to left-wing activism—have continued. A study by @Everytown found that armed demonstrations are violent or destructive six times more often than unarmed demonstrations.https://t.co/cCSYRWGwPq

— Moms Demand Action (@MomsDemand) August 25, 2023

Now, the left isn’t exactly known to care about the laws of this land.

Which explains why they are so upset that Kyle Rittenhouse was justified in killing these three people.

But these chronically online leftist Twitter users know more about the law than the judge in the case did, right?

Let’s see what Fox News has to say about it:

The progressive group posted, “Three years ago today, at a protest of the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, WI, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse—who was openly



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