Leftist Newsweek: Trump’s Presidential Immunity Necessary to Protect ‘Democracy’ – EVOL

Leftist publication Newsweek has declared in an opinion piece that protecting President Donald Trump is necessary to protect “democracy.”

Newsweek used to be known as an openly leftist publication.

In recent years, the outlet has become more covertly leftist while presenting itself as more of a centrist publication that covers both sides of the political aisle in a “neutral” way.

However, despite appearances, articles from Newsweek are frequently littered with leftist propaganda.

For example, the outlet’s reports on Jan. 6 appear to be “neutral,” but will describe the protests as an “insurrection” or an “attack” on the U.S. Capitol.

Nevertheless, Newsweek now appears to be fearing that stripping Trump of his presidential immunity protections will come back to haunt the outlet’s Democrat allies.

In an opinion piece published as the Supreme Court heard oral arguments about whether Trump was immune from prosecution for acts while he was president, former Deputy Attorney General of Ohio Mark Weaver, a Republican, makes a compelling case for supporting presidential immunity.

Weaver explains why the Founding Fathers thought presidential immunity for official duties was important enough to put in the Constitution.

According to Weaver, presidents must have immunity because being subject to criminal charges



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